Friday, April 14, 2006

'American Security' vs 'Muslim Security'

Today’s Wall Street Journal opinions page considers “The Meaning of Moussaoui and the lesson of the Flight 93 tape.” Within this brief article, we can clearly see the struggle between two of the great memeplexes of day, “American security” and "Muslim security.”

As much as we Americans may prefer to view the fight with Islamic terrorists as good vs. evil, in truth what we are watching is meme vs. meme. And the Islamists believe they are fighting as much for their place on Earth as American patriots believe we are fighting for ours.

Compare the WSJ’s viewpoint with this excerpt from the book “Imperial Hubris,” where an anonymous senior CIA official attempts to explain the ongoing struggle from the Islamic point of view.

In a nutshell, many Muslims (and not just the radicals and not just the Arabs) believe the United States is engaged in a long term plan to wipe out Islam, or at least to marginalize it. And they make a very good case.

This is not to excuse the Sept. 11 attacks. But if we are to survive, we must understand that the Muslims are not irrational. From a memetic point of view, they are fighting for the survival of their meme with the best weapons they have at hand.

One other point, this from Randall J. Larsen, director of the Institute for Homeland Security: We cannot defeat terrorism. We can only hope to contain it.

The "Muslim Security" memeplex will fight us to the death. Are we really ready to commit our time, blood and treasure to that end?


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