Friday, April 07, 2006

What is a memeplex?

A memeplex is a combination of memes that work better in unison than they do separately. Just as we identify a meme as a directive, we identify a memeplex as a proper noun.

For example, the memeplex of “Roman Catholicism” would include the memes

  • “Attend church on Sunday.”
  • “Go to confession.”
  • “Baptize your newborn child.”
  • “Genuflect before you enter the pew.”


“Make the Sign of the Cross":

All of these memes acting in concert will have a much more powerful effect on the mind that they could ever have when acting alone.

We are each the sum of the memeplexes that acquire our minds. When one memeplex supplants another, we become different than we were before.

Copyright 2006 by W.O. Cawley Jr.


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